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"Information for your Heart and Soul"

After almost 2 decades in the broadcast news industry, Varion Walton is now taking her talents and expertise to a worldwide audience. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing her on the air at 5, 6 & 10. She’s simply using technology to rewrite the rules of T.V. news. Varion is now "on air and on line". This seasoned and trusted journalist has launched her very own website and is now covering more of the celebrity, entertainment and national news you love--24/7!


Television News Anchor | Reporter | Speaker | Consumer Advocate | Mentor | Media Specialist

For almost 20 years, Varion Walton has provided viewers all over Alabama with clear, concise and candid information. Now this 20 year veteran  is stepping out, determined to provide you with more of the information you want and deserve.     

Varion is now using 21st century technology to touch the "Heart of the South." This new website is apart of her concerted plan, her vision to personalize the reports you want with the kind of "flavor" only she can provide!

Varion Walton is stepping into 2017 RENEWED to the noble profession of journalism; REFOCUSED on what is important to the viewers; and READY to communicate to the heart! 

 Since 1994, she has worked as a television reporter, anchor, and talk show host delivering the news with integrity, dedication and warmth. Viewers all over the Southeast have come to respect her passion and distinctive style of storytelling! An example of her dedication is her award winning franchise, Restaurant Scorecard. For more than 7 years Varion has highlighted health department’s rating for restaurants all over Alabama and Florida as a public health concern.  

Her vision of what is possible is also displayed in her documentary. With help from The Madison Fire Department, Madison, Alabama, Varion and a team of seven photographers planned, developed and documented the deliberate burning of a house to show you the dangers and how to “Get out Alive!” Varion has not only earned a reputation as a consumer advocate, but a seasoned expert in the newsroom. She has been awarded for her dedication and hard work, earning an Associated Press Award, an Emmy Nomination and an Edward R. Murrow Award; an honor typically reserved for network news shows like “60 Minutes”, “Dateline NBC” and 20/20. 

After almost 20 years of experience in television news, on line reporting, entertainment and celebrity interviews, Varion Walton is now “on air and on-line” with exclusive reports that will inspire, inform, motivate, educate and leave you buzzing for more! 



Varion would love to hear from you. 

Please send her a few lines, or pick up the phone for a chat! Either way, Varion looks forward to connecting with you.

Tel: 1-877-347-2278

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